Wherein I Use a GIF to Express My Emotions

I thought I read somewhere that using gifs to express yourself is a Millennial thing, so I guess this post is going to date me. My 120th appointment with Horizakura was two hours of tebori on my left moob. The experience is best described as such:

No part of this session was particularly fun for me. It was either scraping on the ribs, lighting on the nip, or the feeling of heart burn in my chest. Sometimes, it was a glorious concert of all three! This was one of those appointments where I’m glad Horizakura only does two hour appointments. I would have at least needed a little break if it was going to continue.

Besides that, we chatted a bit about a new Horitoshi photo book that is out. It’s quite expensive and I decided that I wasn’t going to purchase it until I had a chance to talk to Horizakura about it. I found the link on Horitoshi’s facebook page, so I was pretty sure it was legit. Even so, doesn’t hurt to do a little due diligence when importing expensive books, especially when the webstore appears to also sell custom motorcycle parts. There are only 500 copies of the book available, but at the high price point, I’m not sure how quickly they will sell. This is the link is for people ordering from outside Japan.

Click here if you’re in Japan.

I had to cancel two appointments because of a work project and Mother’s Day so we were able to get this appointment on the calendar on an off-Sunday in order to keep the train rolling. I’m very glad for that! Next appointment isn’t until the end of the month at which point we will hopefully resume our usual schedule. Until then!

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