Session 24

Session 24 was all over the place!  This really shows the difference in speed between fatty areas and more muscular areas.  Just compare what Horizakura accomplished in 2 hours here vs any of the two hour appointments on my butt.  He got a lot done and as usual, I’m thrilled by the results!  Every month we get closer and closer to having the background finished.  After that, it will be on to the dragon and koi scales!  I am PUMPED!!!

Session 23

I took these after my 24th appointment, so you can see some of that on my back.  This session was more background on my leg up to my waist.  You can see it’s still very much in the healing process.  This area is the worst to heal through because of where my pants fall.  Pretty sure I mentioned this when the left side was done, but I recommend soft waist bands and stretchy pants.  Yoga pants would be ideal… but I’m not sure that would be a great look for a me.