Photos from my last appointment are below.  This was only about 45-60 min of tattooing, but Horizakura spent quite a lot of time drawing on me and planning out the motion of the water.  By the time he had finished, there was marker all over my stomach and right leg and left thigh.  With this appointment, he finished the outline on my left calf, adding another lil fishy in a leaping motion. It’s cute! And manly and tough, of course.

Little anecdote from this appointment:  I have been living in mortal dread of what the back of my knee was going to feel like.  You can see the waves in the back are getting dangerously close, and each time he’s been in that area, it feels like he’s right on the back of my knee.  I find myself thinking, “Hey, that wasn’t so bad!” and then I see he’s still below it and realize the worst is yet to come.  A fun little ride that I DIDN’T expect was the sensation of being tattooed over where my reflex point is below my knee cap.  There has been some pretty unpleasant areas during this process, but the feeling of having a reflex stimulated but not being able to flail around was nearly torturous.  It was like being tickled but not being able to move.  Once again, you will notice that he isn’t even truly over my reflex point yet, so I have more of that to look forward to.  Tattoos are a helluva drug…

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Feels good to be back in our groove.  Taking so much time off was a total bummer, but work has finally calmed down a little and I think my schedule is back to normal.  Below are pictures of last night’s session as well as recap from the previous week.  As you can see, he added another goldfish.  The plan is for there to be a third gold fish underwater in that (currently) silky smooth bald spot and a third koi fish on the inner left thigh moving downward towards my knee.  But plans change, so only time will tell!  Until then, have a look: