My nineteenth session spanned from my left thigh to my fleshy love-handles.  There was some really odd gastro business happening while he was railing away on my side.  It felt really strange… like he was pulling my skin away from my guts and making pockets of air. It’s difficult to explain the feeling.  When I left the studio I let fly with a pretty enormous burp so something was definitely happening to my guts.  Wacky and wild stuff, folks.

So far, this has been the absolute worst area for healing.  Having jeans tight-ish around my hips and waist made the process absolutely brutal.  Without exaggeration, for two weeks after this appointment I would be limping by the end of the day.  Even after the tattoo was no longer raw, the scabbing was much worse because of the contact from my clothes.  My clothes then would rub on those scabs creating a fairly vicious cycle.  When the opposing area is tattooed on my right side, I’m going to be investing is a few pairs of sweatpants in an effort to mitigate my suffering.  The healing was so much worse than getting the tattoo.

If anybody has tips on how to wear sweatpants in public without looking like a hobo, please let me know.