Mighty Number 9

UPDATE: I must have been tired when I wrote the following entry.  These photos are actually from an appointment on May 11.  Since I forgot how to calendar, there actually was a second appointment in May, on the 31st.  The original post follows:

This post covers session number 9.  We should have been back on schedule come May, but work intervened.  I ended up only having one appointment in May and much to my chagrin, the only evidence is via my phone’s camera.  It will do the trick though!  This session was on the shorter side, about an hour and a half, and consisted of background added to my left thigh and side.  I know we had originally discussed connecting the back to my existing half sleeve, but that idea was pushed.  At the time of this 9th session, I was told session 10 would be the connection and completion of the outline.  Best laid plans…