We’re running out of background!

Nothing overly exciting from this appointment.  Finished some more background on my right hip and blubbery muffin top.  The real excitement is in the coming appointments.  There are only a few more outlined background areas that can get shaded.  Besides the background, the dragon’s head gets shaded as well as some black on the koi.  I think we’re going with a mottled color scheme on the koi, a pattern of black, white and some other color on the scales.  Once those three are shaded with black, I have the option of going into color on my back or finishing the outline and outlining my sleeves.  I’m leaning towards the outlines.  As exciting as color is, it doesn’t hold as well as black (from my understanding).  I would rather finish all the outlines, shade the rest of it, and then go into color all over.  That’s the plan for now anyway!  The idea of having work done on my arms and not my body is thrilling!

Backs on Backs on Backs

Another appointment is in the books.  With this two hour session, I have hit the 50 hour mark on my back.  I would say “time flies,” but that really only applies to when you’re having fun.  It definitely feels like 50 hours.  The process isn’t usually the fun part of getting tattooed anyway; the results are the fun part (I am 100% certain I will never feel totally comfortable using a semicolon).  As you can see from the photos below, Horizakura continued working on the back of the dragon on my back in the back room of his studio.  That last bit was only for the sake of justifying the title of this post.  We’re through here. Move on.

Don’t Get Tattooed Over Sunburn

Sounds like a no brainer right?  Well just in case there was any question, I went ahead and confirmed this sage advice for you.  I spent last weekend in the Bahamas for work.  On my one day off, I started strongly applying sunblock and using shade, but by the end of about 8 hours of outdoor sun, my shoulders were cooked.  I blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.  Fortunately I had two days for it to heal before my appointment, but it was definitely a little more tender than it should have been.  Don’t do it.  Lesson over.

Horizakura picked up right where he left off.  He continued up the dragons back and did the scales on one wing.  I haven’t confirmed with him yet, but I believe the feathery parts of the wings will be color.  Not much else to report here.  Carry on.