Twenty Two

Here are pictures from last night’s appointment.  Horizakura covered a good amount during this two hour period.  I suspect the reason for that is that it was mostly solid black.  I think the gray shading of the waves is more time consuming because of the mixing and blending he has to do.  That’s just a guess though.

The most exciting part about this appointment was that he has finally traveled north of my waistline. Typically when people ask about my tattoo, I have to just tell them about it because wherever we are at the time isn’t the best place to drop my pants.  Now, I can just lift my shirt a little.  It’s a small thing, but it’s a win in my book.


My Tattoo Can Drink!

Ok I guess it’s 21 appointments old… not 21 years.  Shut up.  Also maybe you aren’t in the US and the legal drinking age is lower by you. You can also shut up.  It’s just a title.

This hour and a half was spent on the waves on my right leg.  You can see it’s still healing (as is the previous session), but I had another appointment tonight and wanted to get these pictures before that happened.

In fact, I’m so stoked about how much got done tonight that I’m going to break my habit and take pictures of this tomorrow morning after I take off the wrap.

Without further I do…

(Yes I know that’s wrong, but I don’t speak French.)