My 102nd appointment with Horizakura was an hour of outline over my shoulders/upperback. It’s funny to think about it, but we have finally finished the outline of my backpiece after starting it over six years ago. Long time readers may recall that after we finished shading in what had been outlined of the backpiece, Horizakura wanted to begin with my sleeves in order to properly join everything together at the shoulder. A conversation about full sleeves vs 7/10 sleeves eventually lead to the decision to start on my legs instead. The backpiece was put on hold and he started from the bottom and began to work his way up, which is what we have been doing ever since. Starting from the bottom like that has always made me feel a little bit like a glass or cup that is being “filled” as we go. Not a very big cup. I’m short. Less of a pint glass and more of a tumbler. Now my glass is almost full and it is very exciting.

You can see in the pictures below, he connected the backpiece to my halfsleeve by Horishun and worked across the back to my left arm. Horizakura’s apprentice also chipped in on some of the linework on that left shoulder which is always cool. I like being a part of their learning experience. It feels like I’m helping! By the end of it all, he had reached my neckline and my backpiece’s outline was officially finished. Based on some of the sketching he did prior to the appointment, I think the next appointment will be on my chest. Hopefully that will be in two weeks, but we’ll see how it goes.