Putting the FUN in Fundoshi!

After a 7 week hiatus, Horizakura and I were finally able to meet for an appointment.  After consulting my spreadsheet (shut up.), this is the third time we have gone 7 weeks without an appointment.  I could have sworn this was the longest tattooless stretch since we started, but I guess not.  It felt like a damn eternity, perhaps because of how busy life has been.  Enough calendar talk! On to the work!

Horizakura was beboppin’ and scattin’ all over my leg last night.  He added some cherry blossoms and waves to fill in the outside of my left knee and near the tail and head of the koi on my thigh.  Additionally, and this is weirdly the most exciting part for me, he connected the shaded portion of my thigh to the outline on my leg.  It’s finally all one piece!  The current plan is to begin shading this outline with our next appointment.  It will be nice to take a break from the noise of the machine.

Oh, about the title: in the pictures below, I opted to wear my fundoshi because it was getting a little tricky trying to keep covered and take photos without obscuring the work.  The fundoshi is what I wear during our appointments.  Mind you, it’s not a true fundoshi.  I believe the traditional garment is created from a single piece of fabric with no strings.  Mine has strings because the learning curve of traditional Japanese underwear beyond my ability.  It’s also easier to put on or remove as Horizakura works.