Turn the other cheek.

Here are a couple quick snaps after my 17th appointment.  This was done in the same compromising body position of the 16th appointment.  I would say I’m glad to be done with that, but if you’ll notice, there is a small area half finished near my crevasse. Almost there though!  This appointment was entirely on my right ass cheek, south of the wave.  It was unpleasant.

Session 18 is healing right now, very excited to post photos of that work!  This thing is really coming together.

Interesting Vice Piece with Horiyoshi III

This is a pretty well shot and very interesting 15 minute doc with Horiyoshi III.  I really enjoyed it and I hope you will too!  I had my 18th appointment today.  An update with the results of the 17th will be up soon.  In the mean time, watch this!

“Cherish each stroke of the needle and each second of life.” -Horiyoshi III