Horimono: Japan’s Tattoo Pilgrimage

Tattoo update will be coming shortly, but in the meantime, I wanted to post this video here. This is a really, really good short by Vice News that documents a tattoo pilgrimage in Japan. Prior to watching this video, I had never heard of the Choyukai or the Oyama Afuri Shrine. I find the whole thing really incredible and this video does a great job of conveying the atmosphere and spirit of horimono. I hope you enjoy it! This is going to make me sound like a Youtuber, but comment on this post with your thoughts, I’d love to chat with some folks about it.

Books Closed!


No tattoo appointments until next week (Horizakura and I have been like ships in the night), but in the meantime I thought I would give a little share of a new tattoo podcast I’ve been listening to.  It is called Books Closed and is hosted by Andrew Stortz.  The content centers around changes and trends in the tattoo world and is also just chock full of fun personal stories from tattoo veterans.  I’m sure the content has a deeper level of interest for actual tattoo artists, but even as an enthusiast I have had a great time listening.  Give him a follow on YouTube or something.  Tell him Jordan sent ya!…

…don’t actually do that. He has no idea who I am.

Interesting Vice Piece with Horiyoshi III

This is a pretty well shot and very interesting 15 minute doc with Horiyoshi III.  I really enjoyed it and I hope you will too!  I had my 18th appointment today.  An update with the results of the 17th will be up soon.  In the mean time, watch this!

“Cherish each stroke of the needle and each second of life.” -Horiyoshi III