For my sixty-ninth appointment, Horizakura continued shading the background on my right leg.  I’m not sure how common this is with heavily tattooed people (this might sound crazy, but I don’t really consider myself heavily tattooed), but I’ve noticed that any tattooed area that I can’t see daily often becomes a bit of a mystery to me.  When he began working on the side of my leg just above my knee… well I could have sworn that area was already shaded.  It wasn’t.  Then he moved on to the back of my knee which I knew had some unshaded spots, but I really couldn’t remember how much.  It wasn’t until after the wrap came off and I was able to compare these pictures with pictures from previous weeks that I realized what he worked on.  Our next appointment isn’t until mid January and should be the last appointment on my leg before we move to my stomach.  Time will tell!

Since this is my last appointment of 2019, I thought I would also include some photos that show where the year started.