The Bravest Thing I’ve Ever Done

(Update: I took a moment to update my spreadsheet that keeps track of all my appointments (don’t make fun of me) and realized that this appointment took me over 200 hours of tattooing with Horizakura. If I had realized that sooner, I would have mentioned it in my initial post. 🎉🎊🥳 The original post is below.)

After a one month-ish hiatus Horizakura and I were able to meet up for our 119th appointment. It was certainly nice to be back and to see him and Haru again. After a little chit chat about their recent travels, we got into about 2 hours of tebori on the recently outlined areas of my chest. Nothing terrible to report in terms of the appointment itself. In fact, I’ve had quite a lot going on in my personal and professional life lately so it was really nice to just spend the two hours not thinking about that stuff.

I’m of course always happy to have a tebori session as I prefer that atmosphere to the machine, but anybody that read my last post might find it especially funny that I went out of my way to discuss our plans to outline my forearm during this appointment. Doubly so considering I also mentioned how I’ve stopped predicting what we would do on a given appointment because it often changes! I’m starting to wonder if Horizakura reads my blog and he’s just messing with me! What I said previously still stands, of course. It all has to get done eventually, I’m just happy to be making progress!

Not much else of note happened during the appointment, but there was a small event that lead me to the wonderfully click-baity title of this entry. When I got back to my car after our appointment, my car wouldn’t start. I’m fairly handy with cars but I called a mechanic friend to talk through some unusual symptoms first. Long story short, I got the car started after a couple of minutes (loose negative battery terminal) but I didn’t have the right tool in my toolbox to actually fix the problem. What kind of moron doesn’t have metric tools in his Japanese car? Me. I’m the kind. Anyway, as I was driving home, I just so happened to be passing an Advanced Auto Parts on Queens Blvd. There was parking right in front of the building, so I just pulled over quick figuring I could buy the tool I needed to tighten the terminal. However, I was a little nervous that if I turned off the car and I couldn’t fix it, it wouldn’t start again. So I left a running car unattended on Queens Blvd while I bought some metric wrenches. It was the bravest thing I have ever done.

That might also be the most hyperbolic sentence I have ever written.

Click bait!

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