Lucky Number 13

Below are the results of my 13th appointment.  I found the results to be pretty inspiring.  Appointments 12 and 13 were only a week apart (instead of my usual 2-3 weeks) and as a result, he had to begin work on a completely different part of my body because the previous week was still healing.  He began to shade my left thigh.  After taking the pictures, I really can start to see the background of this thing come together.  It’s really exciting!

As a technical note, Horizakura explained that his plan was to get through all of the background shading on my butt first.  He said the rest of it would be fast.  I’m assuming fast is relative in this case, but nonetheless it was exciting to hear my back might progress more quickly than the current pace.  Not that I’m getting impatient.  But(t) seriously. I’m getting impatient.  When I asked why he wanted to finish this area first, why it was slower, Horizakura explained that because the skin stretches so much in fatty areas (news flash: I have a fat ass) it takes more time to fill with ink.  He said the position is also awkward.  He didn’t clarify, but it’s fair to say it’s awkward for him to have to touch my butt and for me to have my butt touched.  Overall, I feel like it’s a good policy.  Let’s just get this nonsense finished so we can move on.  Also, it’s by far the most uncomfortable place I’ve been tattooed.  I look forward to having this part BEHIND me.  I would like to dedicate that pun to Mike Leonard.

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