Fast Forward!

Welp. It finally happened.  I forgot to document an appointment.  It was only a matter of time, but I’m really hoping this isn’t the beginning of a trend.  It’s interesting how the process of getting to the next appointment can make you forget about the previous appointment.  I often realize the morning of a session that I forgot to take pictures of the previous session’s progress.  I guess part of that has to do with my previous work not being fully healed before the next appointment begins.  I think to work against that, I’m going to start showing more pictures of unhealed or actively healing work.  Sure, it doesn’t represent the final product, but it does illustrate a major part of the process.  Below shows the results of both session 11 and 12.  If it isn’t clear, mystery session 11 was finishing the wave on my butt (perma-dump) and adding background on my right hip.  Session 12 was 100% left butt cheek.  There is some black behind the wave, I can’t remember if that happened during 11 or 12.

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