Fast Forward 8 Years!

In February 2015, I returned to Japan with the primary goal of finishing my tattoo (Christine and I did sneak in quite a bit of vacation as well).  The first 3 appointments were back to back, about 4-5 hours each.  During those 3 days, Horishun put in pretty much all the black.  This marathon was really rough. By the time day 3 was over, I felt drained and had the chills.  By the next morning I was feeling better, but I did lay low in my hostel for a day or so to relax.  After a week and change of sightseeing, I had two more appointments to get the last of the color in.  For ease, all the photos are combined into a single gallery.  Disclaimer: I took most of these by myself with my phone.  Healed, higher quality photos will be in the next post.