Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

Things have been a little hectic between a busy work schedule and having a baby at home, so I kinda forgot to post an update after my 103rd appointment. Fortunately for us all, appointment 104 was on a different area of my body, so I was able to get a clean shot of the work done during 103. Overall I’m not sure there is much to say for either of these appointments. Of course, it’s always a pleasure to just be engaged in the process. Tebori is also always so much more pleasant to experience than machine tattooing. We’ve been bouncing back and forth between outline and shading a little bit more than usual over the last few months which has also been nice. I am eager to see the outline finished, but even as I consider that, the pictures of the shading remind me of how much this tattoo will change as the shading and color are complete. It’s all very exciting! Horizakura asked to cancel my next appointment because of a project he’s working on, so I will likely not have another update here for a few weeks. I have been thinking more and more about diving into some of these books I have. I think it would be useful to have some information about them here for the public to see. Perhaps I can squeeze one of those in before my next appointment.

Appointment 103 – 1 hour tebori on the clouds and bar just below the clouds

104 – 2 hours of tebori – You’ll notice that two of these photos are very similar. I wanted to illustrate how the tattoo (specifically the dragon’s head) and lighting changes by simply hunching my back a little. I think it’s important to keep body position in mind when you’re looking at photos of tattoos. Shapes and reflections can change pretty dramatically with even slight body movement and you shouldn’t necessarily be so quick to judge an artist’s rendering from a photo. Certainly things like the smoothness of shading or clean linework won’t be affected, but proportions and shape and light might be.


  1. Hey, I wanted to thank you for your response here It has been almost 4 years, but I’ve finally found myself in a financial position that allows me to start tebori and haven’t backed down on wanting it for a minute of that time! A little googling led me to only a handful of artists on the east coast one of whom was located in NY. Long story short after some research I found that the artist I had chosen apprenticed under your artist. I found that quite funny and I am extremely happy that my tattoo will be in some way connected to the lineage that inspired me to start this to begin with. I recently returned home from my consultation and hope to be underway this summer. I see your tattoo has expanded by quite a bit in that time!



    1. Hey it’s great to hear from you again! Thanks for the update. Monji is great and I’m glad you found him. I know very well what it feels like to wait and save for a tattoo, being on the threshold of starting is incredibly exciting. Congratulations! I don’t know if you use Reddit or not, but if you do, head over to for a community of enthusiasts and for a place to post pictures of your progress. Thanks again!



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