In Deep

My eighty-first appointment took place on the tenth day of the eleventh month of Year of Our Cthulhu 2020. It has taken me many days to make this post because… well frankly I’ve just been kinda busy. Also, the content wasn’t particularly exciting. Unless deep crotch tattoos are your jam. If so, have I got some exciting news for you! Horizakura continued to shade the inner thigh of my right leg. Accessing this area once again required the sort of undignified positions that are seldom considered when beginning a large tattoo like this. That said, I really feel like somewhere in the past year or so, my relationship with Horizakura has moved to a different comfort level. I can’t really explain why it took this long or even if perhaps it was like this all along and I’m only just becoming aware of it. But I have to say that I find myself looking forward to our tradition of getting beers after the appointment as much as the appointment itself.

Anyway. We’re nearly done with the background of this leg. I imagine all that’s left is about an hour or so. I’m not sure if he will want to continue up to the right hip or start on the left leg. Time will tell.

Peer deep into the crevasse. Pray it does not peer back.


  1. Thanks so much for the effort in documenting your experience. I admire your steadfastness in getting tattooed nearly every month for 3 years straight. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be constantly healing (IMO that’s the worst part of getting a tattoo. Can’t go to the gym cos I don’t wanna get an infection!).

    I’m starting my backpiece soon and am super excited (so I read all your posts in 2 days). If you’re interested, you can check out my artist on Instagram (@shane_tan). His style is not fully traditional – it’s bolder which I really love.



    1. It’s actually been 5 years since we started. 😀

      I would be lying if I said it has always been easy. Especially when Instagram and Reddit are full of people getting full body suits in a couple years or finishing sleeves and backpieces in a few appointments. It can be very difficult to remain patient. What I keep coming back to is the experience and the lifestyle. Getting tattooed and spending some time drinking beers with Horizakura is a part of my life now. Even though it is a long way off, sometimes I wonder what it will be like when the bodysuit is finished and I don’t have that anymore.

      The exercise thing can be difficult. I’m not very prone to infection, but you’re pretty safe after the first day or two of healing. The hardest part is when the healing area is in a spot that would need to flex or move a lot during your working out. Like trying to ride a bike with tight, healing skin over your knee. It’s not great. It also sucks not being able to go in swimming pools or hot tubs. Pretty much the only chances I get are when there is a break in appointments.

      Be sure to post your tattoo progress on r/irezumi!



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