Well hot damn!  Appointment 43 is in the bag and Horizakura connected the leg shading to my already shaded thigh.  Feels great to have it beginning to form one piece!  The back of the knee was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I think the line work hurt worse.  It is worth mentioning, Horizakura was quite merciful in his approach and would shade an area behind my knee, then move on to a different part of my leg to give me a break before returning to the back of the knee.  I suppose maybe some people would rather just get it over with, but I found that procedure very tolerable.  The man knows his craft.

The only other worthwhile note here is that he used those waterproof bandages again at my request.  I was a little ahead of the curve this time though.  I buzzed all the hair off my tattooed leg so it wouldn’t hurt like a bastard when I pulled the bandages off.  Worked like a charm!

I lied.  One more note.  I didn’t move.  I’m traveling for work, so these photos come to you from the bathroom of a Holiday Inn in beautiful San Antonio, Texas.


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