A Little History…

In 2007 I went to Japan for work.  Before going, I called NY Adorned to speak with Horizakura and ask where I should go to get my tattoo.  His assistant gave me the phone number for Tattoo Soul  in Ikebukuro.  Once in Japan, I had the concierge at the hotel set up an appointment at Tattoo Soul for me.  The shop arranged to have an English speaker there to translate.  Upon arriving at the shop, I met Horishun who would be doing my tattoo.  He spoke almost no English at the time, so we worked through the translator.  The plan was to do the outline on this trip and then begin filling in color on subsequent trips (the project I was on was meant to have multiple return trips to Tokyo).  Horishun voiced his concern that I would get the outline finished in Tokyo and have somebody else fill it in once I arrived home.  I gave him my word that I wouldn’t let anybody else work on the tattoo.  As misfortune would have it, I would have to keep that promise for 8 long years.

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